Corporate Finance

The first step of Corporate Finance Is spending on facilities and organizations. After the acquisition of fixed assets. The employee is hired as well as the supplier. After the consolidation of the company. The asset increases and the equity falls. It is affected by capital payments as well as retained earnings. The current liability structure supports obligations and the operating cycle. While non-current liabilities include financing and legal loans Resources generated by the organization are not distributed to shareholders. Third parties and capital markets help to Corporate finance with precision.

Corporate Finance

The purpose of the financial “adm” is to plan, organize, coordinate and direct Control financial resources and create a plan so as not to decrease. In the most modern organizations they found a way to harmonize. The interests of shareholders and the actions to manage. Among the internal mechanisms, there is the “adm” board to remunerate Regarding external mechanisms. There is the labor market and the hostile to acquire Wilson said: What are risks? Can you explain it to me? We answer that it is the possibility that the investment generates gains or losses And we complete with the answer explaining.

What is the proportional regression. He was delighted with the opportunity, knowing that giving up what he invested is optional.what a beautiful thing! Risk and return go together nonstop. There are investments that offer more risks but that increase the rate. The difference between the scenarios is the risk you will take. To analyze return, risk and capital, “CAPM” is the tool you will have Interest paid to third party capital sources is deductible of the income tax calculation base and the source cost will reduce. The credit managers took it for the positions to be able to operate. I knew they could be traded and sold, that if the value was higher it would help. He didn’t want any more conversation and decided he wouldn’t get more resources. He drew up his contract once more because everything agreed is easier to control Soon, the city entrepreneurs learned about the novelty How much does it cost there?

They have the cost of equity, of all the shares that already exist here Made a constant profit reserve named as retained earnings to display. But suddenly under the bad influence of the company’s shareholders it began to steal. I know an entrepreneur that the company liquidated for the first time. He did not calculate the balance and did not know, how much he had to sell? Now with a balance, he had a new chance to start over.

Types Of leverage

For calculating it would cover the expenses and the costs of the goods increase. that was when we consulted explaining the contribution margin .That the remaining amount of revenue is obtained by selling it perfectly. There are 3 types to leverage: Operational, financial and total With dividends, the profit is directed to the shareholders and / or organization and then to profit. Time shows the 3 theories of dividends within an organization. It shows how Modigliani and Miller consider that shared profit does not affect the stock Residual theory considers. The companies should use Profits to meet capital needs in your application Gordon discounts a rate of return compatible with the risk seen by the investor. He considers that dividends affect the value of the organization’s shares The value of the organization’s actions.

These words have strength, sweetness Don’t mess with the shareholders don’t It is not that the right administration “Your future was to make the company profit. Got drunk on dividend policy and found that it happens in the long run and you need to organize Control, taxation of taxes, liquidity situation and access to resources. They are part of the dividend policy regardless of the company’s path. It turns out that there’s not just one type, just one type, just one type of dividend, no Dividends can be extraordinary, value or rate, variable, depending on the “profit”. In this regard there are laws that require a minimum of dividends to be shared Interest on Equity is one of the ways in which dividends distribute. What is the use of only thinking about dividends, If your company does not know how to evaluate?

If you are going to sell your company tell me now, how much will you charge? The price at which the company’s ownership then passes to belong. A broad process of evaluating the seller, the buyer And by various methods determined the value of the organization Valuation by market multiples and discounted cash flow In the discounted cash flow. The shareholder’s is calculated and works like this: The dividends of the future are discounted and the equity is calculated. How much have they released there? And you can calculate depreciation, amortization and capital investment New debts in issue and variation in capital turnover. Iif I want to calculate my brand, what should I do? Call a specialized company, they will evaluate what to do. The evaluation by market multiples has the attraction of little information. What matters is your quality, profit and some rankings? Multi-market valuation finds companies to evaluate? Now define some variables like the equity value.

The FCLE will correspond to the flow generated by the operations. It represents cash flow to suppliers, shareholders and creditors Evaluating your company. There may be a merger or even incorporation Holding or even Joint Venture. Whatever is best for the organization. In this way, short and long term strategies are created and the market continues. Shareholders even get a sparkle in their eyes because they know their company will continue to profit. In this way even new branches can start to appear. A new financial plan, you will have to do so that in the future. You will not regret And don’t forget to calculate the IRR, NPV and Payback as well From each business unit to see which one will enrich you. Even growing up don’t forget to meet the needs of customers always with innovation and your company’s focus has to be Sell!

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