How to Organize Your Home Budget?

Easy Steps to Start Organizing Your Finances

Today about how to Organize Your Home Budget? How the lack of this organization can bring problems to your life as a whole? In fact, organizing the domestic budget is fundamental to enable the realization of your dreams after all a dream has a cost. Spend less of what you gain from investing the difference regularly is the basis for the budget efficient household. If you want to improve your life to learn how to organize your household budget efficiently keep watching that I will discuss with you to step by step how to do it.

How to Organize Your Home Budget?

First, let’s analyze your current situation and see which profile you fit. First you have a habit of spending while the bank balance allows or seeks to maintain some kind of discipline with spending and debt control. You can’t save regularly. So, you have detailed knowledge of your monthly expenses and get it there are tips training while maintaining regular savings? If you answered yes to the first question.I have to say that the use of money in your irresponsible family, already who neglects the need to save money for the future. If your affirmative answer was for question number 2 you’re doing wrong. You have more work and still lead a life of carelessly you must live frustrated because, despite the apparent efforts, everything seems to be a waste of time.

Now if your yes came to question three, I imagine that you can have more quality in your consumption and still allow yourself little luxuries now and then. You probably have control of your domestic budget and is on the road to manage financial independence. The best and simplest way to achieve efficient control of your household budget is by entering your expenses into a spreadsheet, And make a comparison with spending in previous months and reflecting on their consumption priorities. In this way, it is possible to reduce expenses less important giving greater attention to those of greater relevance. The spreadsheet can be done on a sheet of paper or a spreadsheet like Excel or even in a smartphone application developed for financial control folks. Which one to choose depends on each one.

Having Spreadsheet For Writing updates

The ideal is to choose the one that most adapts to your daily life or in other words the one you get the discipline to constantly update. It’s no use having the best spreadsheet in the world on your computer. You are too lazy to turn on your computer to access it periodically Control periodicity. It is a consensus to think that the ideal periodicity of a household budget is monthly. The expenses repeat monthly just as your salary is paid, usually once a month, however, 30 days can be a long time especially for those who are starting from a situation of very uncontrolled financial. I recommend that you start, at least in the first months, organizing your budget household weekly. This strategy can take a little time in the beginning, but I guarantee it will help you detect deviations from your plans In less time. In addition, a shorter periodicity Frequent will get you used to this control faster thus, this habit will be easier to maintain throughout your life the ideal. In my opinion, is to have a basic daily control taking notes in a notebook or in an application all the daily expenses, in addition to the bills paid; of that way when updating the main spreadsheet, you don’t risk forgetting to anything.

Use Of smartphone apps

There are smartphone apps very simple and practical for that purpose. They allow you to write down an expense on seconds. So it is not an inconvenience in your daily life Mobills and Money Care are examples of applications that you can download theRevenue ratio.

To organize your household budget completely. It is important to discriminate against all sources of family income including extra earnings salary, 13th, vacation, bonuses, commissions, small sales of goods, tips and present in cash. Everything should be listed on your spreadsheet. Net revenue in the period we all know that the salary in the check is very different from what actually falls into our account. We have discounts with taxes, union dues, corporate pension plans and other rebates, over which you don’t have much choice. Therefore, it is important that you disclose in your revenues the net amount received. After all, it is this amount that will be available when you pay your bills, make your shopping, etc.

Expense Details Of Home

List of expenses to organize your household budget in a way more efficient. It is important to separate fixed and eventual expenses fixed expenses are expenses that will be repeated for more than three months or punctual expenses that are repeated periodically like it. Accounts must be detailed specifying each item individually; expenses of the same nature can be added and grouped. As an example, if in your family you paid plan for two phones, these must be listed separately so that you have control over possible deviations that have occurred. , On the one hand, expenses with restaurants can be added, as well as expenses with private or public transport. 

The expense spreadsheet a technique that allows you to better visualize the characteristics of your spending is to separate them into large groups. household expenses: water bill, electricity, landline, gas, rent, it condo, internet, cable tv and the like. Food expenses: supermarket, restaurant, bakery, and snacks. Expenses with health: health plan, medications, treatments, etc. Transport expenses: provision or rental of cars, parking, fuel, IPVA, insurance mandatory, license fee, washing, fines, insurance, taxi, bus, subway Uber and the like. expenses: school, college, course, school supplies, and uniforms. Personal expenses: personal hygiene, hairdresser, gym, clothing, aesthetic treatments and the like. Leisure expenses: bars, cafes, nightclubs, video games, travel, accommodation, tours and similar. And other expenses: bank fees, credit card fees, tips, donations, tithes, etc. The suggested classification is based on personal criteria, so feel free to change it according to your convenience and personal interpretation note that some expenses cited by me as fixed expenses are considered by many as superfluous; but the important thing is to classify them as fixed expenses, due to the importance of these expenses for our quality of life. It’s no use having a big house and a luxury car if you can’t afford it small pleasures. So, it is important that this pleasure be present in the budget, as well as larger expenses.

Possible expenses Occasional expenses are all those expenses that are not planned or that occur sporadically throughout the year expenses like car maintenance, physiotherapy, medical consultations, pest control, gifts, expenses with celebrations such as Christmas and birthday, household shopping, among others are examples of occasional expenses. Available balance: by subtracting your revenue net of fixed and eventual expenses you will have your balance available, therefore, it is very important that your available balance every month is positive, in a way that enables you to realize your future dreams by directing part of this balance to financial investments. Another interesting technique is what I usually call “paying yourself first”. In other words is to put your future money as a fixed expense, from which you need to pay; so you prioritize your future and guarantees that reserves for emergencies and investments will be formed. This technique is important to create the habit of saving, instead of using the balance available for simple consumption.


In this content you learned, step by step, how to organize your household budget through periodic income and expense control I strongly recommend that you try to follow the proposed methodology thus, you will be taking the first step towards your financial independence And if you have a positive balance and want to invest in your future through financial investments

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