Find out how to INVEST in EDUCATION

investment in education

Hello, welcome to the Todd content. Today we’ll discuss about student finance. Is it a good deal? We discuss a lot about investments in the financial market, which is very important, but guess what is the best investment?

Find out how to Invest in your Education ?

Invest in knowledge. Investments are very important. Eventually, we hear about people who got rich, but in most cases, they are people who started their own business or have had a very successful professional career. We need to focus on increasing the main income, because that’s what we separate a part to invest money monthly and thereby have our passive income. I’ll show you the passive income, in case you don’t know it yet. Passive income is that money that goes into your independent account whether you’re working, traveling or sleeping. That’s the world of investment. Don’t know how to invest and leave the money working for you?

“Todd, will have to I make investments my money or go to college?” on the short time period, it should appear like you might be shedding money. Nevertheless, we have to appear at the long term. What is the natural salary of a recent graduate within the field you need to work in? What is the career plan? Have you tried to know? A graduate professional is more likely to build a consistent career. There is a very interesting data from IBGE that I am going to tell you now.

Find out how to INVEST in your EDUCATION?

Higher-level employees earn, on average, up to 219% more. It’s too much. It is obvious that the more knowledge you seek and specialize doing graduate school, studying another language, the more chances you will have to grow in this company and achieve an increase in income. And now that question comes. “Todd, I have no money, For incesting and banking process to run.” “How am I going to invest in training?” Calm that I have the solution. If you didn’t get FIES, which is the Student Financing Fund, which is a program of the Ministry of Education that aims to grant funding to students of non-free higher education courses, do not despair, because there is still time to study. What will not happen is that you go without studying? You do not need a bank account? It doesn’t matter, if you did ENEM or not. It is open all year and has no limit on places.

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