Is the new digital account worth it

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Hello, welcome to the Banking discussion. Today we will discuss hajj bank and Is the new digital account worth it or not? or is it worth opening a small container digital account?

Now you have to understand how to squeeze logically a bell to receive new content notification? You, if remember the hajj continuous pay well. I already commented here, the bank ge plank changed name and now it’s called ge bank became a 100% digitally tuned bank hajj bill pay it was so well had no debit cards not even credit you couldn’t do any investment and I was also unable to apply for credit if needed but between everything with so much she was a free monthly fee account and also had two free editions per month and when we get thirsty and say goodbye they were also not charging.

DIGITAL BANK (Is the new digital account worth )

Now the new digital bank age bank redesigned and came up with some improvements very interesting that I will discuss about now in this account it is possible to payslips and also generate billets do transfers to other institutions shopping using that cold too receive your salary also remembering that it contained be open to individuals like also legal entities and will also be a card in the function debit and credit function ie multiple flag international and function MasterCard and will also participate in the surprise MasterCard program not available yet in the app but soon it will be possible to make the request there and clear after your into card get beyond using the lottery to make withdrawals you can also use the cashiers electronics a huge improvement now credit will also be made available credit payroll loans private advance of the 13th insurance life insurance residential insurance vehicles with partners and also in money investments, you can also invest in CBD bank certificate of deposit however on the website.

 I didn’t find any profitability information I also saw the email forge bank to check some rates but they confirmed absolutely nothing to me so I’m going to discuss about the rates that I I found on the website monthly fee zero transfers between accounts to other institutions three free seats a month exceeded the limit of 10 reais per ted in this tariff table of the website also discuss about the card’s annual fee national credit two hundred reais the credit card international or annual fee $ 300 second into credit card costs r $ 40 emergency credit assessment 40 real. If you use your credit card credit to pay the bills $ 20 no do it. If you use your zinho card to make withdrawals in the credit function 40 reais don’t do it. So well what I demand leitinho we have to say is that we like everything free after all today in the market we do have more interesting accounts that don’t charge nothing for these services.

Is the new digital account worth it ?

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