RULE For You to Have Money

Rules For You to Have Money

There are several ways to have money living peacefully can earning more can be knowing how to invest know various ways to save money but there is a rule that I call rule number one for you to have the money you know what exactly by that rule how to put it in practice in your life. In this article, Wediscuss about thr RULE # 1 For You to Have Money.

RULE # 1 For You to Have Money

I want to discuss about rule number one for you to have money and live with total peace of mind including this rule it is presented as a number one secret of people who are rich who have become millionaires at least according to the book a millionaire lives next door that he shows understanding the things that by contrary to what many people think over 80% of millionaires. They are rich first-generation ie a person who already comes from a wealthy family a person. Who started in a way normal like me you and reached wealth reached the burden thus the 1 million of a way of dealing that way he is seen how improvement came with a person who has a net worth of over a million of dollars.

So what is this number 1 secret this rule number one for you to live with total financial tranquility for you always have money according to book and also according to my opinion? I think the first thing you need to understand in relation to the independent salary of how much you earn is that you have to live well below your possibilities if you think you win x and you have to spend x what is your income monthly you are already starting to form independent wrong when you win is dependent if you earn a thousand reais 2 thousand reais or ten thousand reais or more than that is that when you establish that you act income exactly that money that gets in the singing.

You’re already starting in a wrong way you have to define a standard of living that is well below your possibility is not that when I talk about the ideal budget model or in the form of making a financial reservation. I say that basic expenses and it have to fit in 60 percent of your income that means you leave the gauchos up to 60 times makes you live below their possibilities and with that difference you can give yourself some luxuries that are, to take advantage of the present is to invest elsewhere to prepare for your future this is the basis is not just of spend less and you win is to understand that what you get is not what will define the standard of living what sets the standard of living is a much lower value and even in maximum 60% of your monthly income so that this difference can have used as I told you enjoy the present better and for you cares about the financial future.

So if you want once and for all changed the financial life the first thing you need to understand is define a standard of living that it is acceptable that that of some just what reward for small screens victories you need on a daily basis but that he is not tied to yours total income he must have pegged up to a part of your income and what is the thing nicer about it here when you define the standard of living that is acceptable you understand that you must see in that standard you can even enjoy new income increases not only for this going up the standard at least not going up it at the same speed at the same proportion to maintain that pattern of life that is already low for you location that lives at the legal rate the car that 70 legal and take advantage of this increase in income to increase your wealth increase your equity acquire new assets it’s mobile financial investments whatever they are but that will increase your equity and will increase your passive income your income generated through investments.

When you become aware of it that the your standard of living different from yours monthly income is almost automatic the savings is almost automatic your ability to save more money because your style of life of your income ie it establishes that and just live in that new standard that established itself independent of Unitel income goes and this is a mentality that is very strong in the rich they live well below their possibilities just for that they always enjoy income to simply increase your built heritage plus marriages approaches financial freedom so this is a way of thinking is what calls rule number one for you always having money is setting a standard of life that is acceptable.

He is totally tied to your income so you can always see below yours possibilities do you want to learn more about how to accumulate wealth how to save more how to invest better how to increase your income? When you go know as much as you can through change of mindset through the adoption of new financial habits to do we attacked the three sides of the heritage condition increase your ability to save increase its capacity it earns his income make money and increase the your ability your quality of invest the money then you access this work down here and I have sure that in one way or another either by increasing income or by currently in the savings Kavala or at investment improvement or the three together I’m sure this will go substantially improve your life financial.

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