The innovation of Budget by Results

Innovation management is a combination of the management of innovation processes

Hello, Today, I am starting to discuss the experience of implementation of the results-based budget and the innovation of Budget by results.

The innovation of Budget by Results

Now, What is the results-based budget? What is the innovation of Budget by Results? The budget for results is a methodology for elaboration and support for program execution and monitoring and evaluation tasks it contributes to organize or make available some concepts and tools that will help public managers to structure the necessary content to conduct your activities well towards the goals that must be achieved, and what changes the budget the results of the old way of planning the budget? What is the main change? We have as a normative framework for program design and also for monitoring the budget of these programs the program budget. It is a structure that already proposes that a government program that is present in the PPA, LDO, LOA that are multiannual plan, the budget guidelines law and annual budget laws structured based on achieve a goal and have indicators to measure the achievement of these objectives.

Basically, the OPR works with the same logic what then changes, when we work or when we propose insert the budget methodology in the construction, in the modeling, in the execution of our programs. Well, what changes is that I the OPR it offers the path to be followed standardizing concepts, standardizing logics and ensuring. We have more conditions to align, not only what we want but what do we need to do to get there.

The idea of ​​implementing the methodology OPR, budget for results in the state of Sao Paulo was in order to try to align the design, budget construction modeling with this logic of programs, program-budgets and results? this, our biggest challenge is to ensure that .. when we are doing the proper planning of the distribution of the public resources that will be available for each secretary, each department, each administrative unit do it based on what we want to achieve and OPR helps us to provide this path most suitable for this construction to the end and the end that we seek ensure that there is how can we say, some waste of resources or more than that there is a better targeting of our efforts and we can attend to what is actually the heart of the state, which is to improve the quality of life for citizens right, and an issue regarding legislation, there was some kind of conflict. When implementing the budget model for results with current legislation? Did some adjustments have to be made? well, as I told you we started from the base of the program budget structure we do not modify it.

Program budget Structure

The structure of the program budget proposes, so what the instrument of government action. It is the program he is an instrument par excellence for that and also proposes, already indicates some fundamental elements that should contain this program structure. What is clear objectives as to where the programs will go? what they should achieve>How will I measure these goals linked to indicators and what we are defining as allocation blocks? where the resources will be stored and deposited and organized? which are the shares the actions will structure the necessary resources there to achieve those goals well, so what are we innovating? There is no conflict, this is the first step the great challenge that the OPR presents and the great news that it presents is to help us build, align and standardize these efforts what I say about it .. when we take it and do a reading on the on-budget laws. Often it’s not very clear where the agencies often want to reach the actions because there are the resources gain much more prominence and then I get more worried if it is a personnel expense. If it is an expense for current expenditure but why am I worrying about this, right.

Our quest is to strengthen this bond that we call causality it’s super, it’s very important to think of resources whether, they are not only financial but also human, but also technological, but why do we think that? How much we need to have these resources given that it is our goal, which is very connected. It is totally connected to our goal be pointing us away. So this is the effort, we need to look for,we don’t need. There was no need to make adjustments to this legislation. Today beyond all the dimension that is already quite.

That is not today of the program budget that was brought in our content. We also rely on ordinance 42, then MOG. Which today is the current ministry of planning and budgeting, which gives some very clear guidelines. Now we follow them.

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